BAKONE AFRICA is a holding company that has three subsidiaries, which represents multiple Global OEMs, which considers our partnership as strategic for establishing presence in SA and the rest of the continent. In all our Global OEM partnerships we embrace technology as a way of advancing convergence across all sectors in packaging our solutions. The three subsidiaries are Bakone Power Systems, Bakone Infrastructure & Bakone Technologies. Each of these subsidiaries represents capacity in the sectors being manufacturing of low to high voltage Power Transformers, Telecommunications Products & Solutions, AI & Robotics Technologies in Mining, Educational content & Infrastructure environments. Our footprint cuts across the entire continent hence our name embracing Africa as part of our identity & in every country we would establish partnerships with local companies. We have more than 25 years of combined global experience in entrepreneurship & with this experience we don’t undermine importance of being customer centric in our entire service offering.


VRT- High capacity power Transformers & Power Sub Stations

A substation is a part of an electrical generation, transmission, and distribution system. Substations transform voltage from high to low, or the reverse, or perform any of several other important functions. The purpose of a substation is to ‘step down’ high voltage electricity from the transmission system to lower voltage electricity so it can be easily supplied to homes and businesses through our distribution lines.

Bakone Power Systems (BPS) has partnered with a global OEM company VRT in manufacturing of Low voltage to High voltage transformers.  Bakone-VRT power transformers are built according to the highest quality and industry standards using advanced technologies for greater reliability and durability. Bakone-VRT power transformers and mobile substations not only have value-added features that ensure conformance to specifications; they are reliable, quiet, and efficient and have a long service life.

Bakone-VRT mobile substations are turnkey solutions for flexibility in power distribution and emergency power restoration. Once mainly used for fast power restoration in emergencies, mobile substations have found new applications among power generation and transmission companies. Mobile substations provide versatile alternatives when planning new stations by adding power distribution flexibility and by providing an interim power supply during maintenance operations.


Smart metering for electricity water and others. Our strong focus on IoT and deep understanding of wireless design and connectivity solutions an IoT solution typical requires an ecosystem of partners that spans from sensors to applications.

Bakone-Zugreifen provide a unique full eco-system, enabling power companies to rapidly deploy affordable sensors to harvest usage data, upload it to the cloud, and utilize all customer interaction capabilities – like CRM, Billing, fraud detection, grid optimization and more.

Through our partnership with Zugreifen Technology, we have developed revenue enhancement solution, which is using one of the most cost effective and efficient Minimole hardware, which integrates with our Open MDMS and Vending platform.

The Minimole has an embedded Data Concentrator and is WIFI enabled.  Our Smart Meter Solutions is the first of it kind in the country and the world.

GenCell Hydrogen Cell Generator

GenCell offers unique fuel cell solutions that create clean off-grid and backup power for humanity. Always ready without the need for regular testing, GenCell fuel cell power solutions are perfect for providing an auxiliary source of electricity for utilities, homeland security, healthcare and automated industries. GenCell solutions also immunize you from electrical spikes or outages with instant backup power. And they support you through sustained outages that last several hours or even several days.

GenCell develops unique fuel cell solutions that offer clean power for humanity. Using the ultra-reliable and exhaust-free technology that powered the American and Russian space programs, we have removed the platinum inside our fuel cells and reduced the quantity of noble metals to provide affordable, clean backup power for telecom, homeland security, healthcare and automated industries.

Hydrogen Fuel

Hydrogen is the lightest and most abundant element in the universe and is considered the most environmentally friendly fuel. Nearly 65 million metric tons of hydrogen are produced every year worldwide using a variety of methods, including steam reformation of natural gas, the fermentation of biogas and electrolysis using solar power.

Hydrogen is most commonly supplied in cylinders, although it can be stored and extracted from a variety of substances. These include a variety of chemical compounds or metal hydrides. In addition, hydrogen can be reformed from carbon-based fuels such as natural gas (CH4), ammonia (NH3), gasoline and diesel.

Today, hydrogen is commonly referred to as “the fuel of the future”, especially for private and public transportation, which are significant sources of pollution. Toyota, Honda, Hyundai, Mercedes-Benz and General Motors and others are all focusing their efforts on the development and sale of hydrogen fuel cell cars as the supporting infrastructure is being deployed.

Additionally, many backup power systems have incorporated hydrogen fuel cells due to their advantages such as consistent power, limitless runtime, higher reliability, and zero emissions.


Bakone Spark Automictic  Solar Panel Cleaning

Optimal and economical solution for cleaning and washing solar panels

Solar PV Technology has been deployed in South Africa for the last ten years. It has been deployed widely in the utility sector on the IPP program but it has in the last five years begun to be implemented widely in the industrial, commercial and residential sector (i.e rooftop PV plants). In order for PV plants to be effective, the panels need to be clean so as to increase energy productivity.

Most cleaning methods used locally, are not automated and are manual. Whereby non skilled or semi-skilled labor is used to clean the panels. This has the following dangers.

  • panels might be damaged during cleaning
  • Panels are also cleaned during the day when there is sunlight and that also affects power production for the day.
  • Panels are also being cleaned when it’s hot and there is a huge temperature difference between the panels and the water which many times cause them to crack.
  • Taking into account that Solar farms are located in hot areas that suffer from lack of pure clear drinking water shortage, most of solar farms face a big waste of pure clean drinking water due to manually human solar panel cleaning,

The system presented is a spray nozzle that works like an irrigation for solar panels, its just that it uses specially designed spray nozzles and detergent that are spayed in angles and the right pressure so as to distribute the water and detergents over the panel in a manner that it will get cleaned.

Most methods to clean Solar panels locally are still manually driven. There is no widespread automated system for large scale cleaning for solar panels.

Bakone will pitch the product to companies doing the O&M for IPP’s in Africa. We will also sell to commercial places undertaking the installation of rooftop PV’s. The Department of Public Works (DPW’s) program of Solar PV installations will also be targeted. There is a huge gap in terms of O&M for PV’s and we plan on filling this gap out.


Autonomous mining – IAI

In regards to the mining industry, autonomous equipment can either be classified as semi-autonomous or fully autonomous. While semi-autonomous mining equipment is typically operated by a human, who performs certain tasks, it has the capabilities to self-operate for all other tasks. Whereas fully autonomous mining equipment does not require a human operator in a control room to ensure their tasks are completed. Fully autonomous mining trucks complete a set of tasks without any operator intervention and are instead monitored in a remote-control room by miners to ensure that the trucks are running efficiently throughout the mine.

The most important aspect of any given mining project is centred on the location of the ore; therefore, autonomous mining vehicles must be equipped with the information on how to adequately access this location for the efficient extraction and transportation of mined materials. To navigate around the mine, autonomous mining vehicles are equipped with a high precision global positioning system (GPS). The precise placement of numerous satellites surrounding the ore of the mine is imperative in ensuring the accuracy of the autonomous vehicles to function correctly. Other technologies such as lasers and radar can also support autonomous mining vehicles as they perform close proximity tasks, such as the shovelling and hauling of materials

Through our partnership with IAI we have wide range of advanced robotic solutions. Drawing on IAI’s vast experience in developing, manufacturing and implementing unmanned systems, IAI’s robotic center provides a wide range of advanced robotic solutions for both defense and security markets. Our unique projects and vast experience have placed IAI at the cutting edge of robotic technology in autonomous navigation, command and control, sensors & payloads integration; high & low level control and communication. IAI has developed an open architecture, robotic kit based on generic modular building blocks that can be adapted to a variety of platforms according to operational environment.

Compatible with any platform, size & weight: Support both Robotic and Dual Use platform and fully compatible with Global UGV standards.

Navigation & Localization – Accurate position, orientations & velocity solution based on cutting edge technologies to support all terrain and mission environment.
Perception – Real-time 3D mapping unique fusion algorithms for analyzing, identifying and classifying obstacles and objects.
Sensors & Payload Integration – Supporting detection and identification sensors, audio, IED’s detection & initiation payloads, manipulators, lethal and non-lethal capabilities.
Mission Management & Path Planning – Onboard mission management and control, path planning and real time maneuvering.
Command and Control (OCU) – Portable, mobile or fixed control station for planning, monitoring and mission execution.
Communication – Wideband, low latency, LOS and NLOS, encrypted communication system.
Training & Simulation – Built-in robotics and autonomous simulation and training capabilities.
Decision Support – Enhance mission efficiency by executing tasks & plans according to predefined mission cases and scenarios.

Bakone Mineral Trading

bakone africa mineral tradingBakone Africa Holdings has many activities that interact and interface with the African mining industries. As a result of this, we have long lasting relationships with many mining houses and the mines themselves. Based on all these activities between Bakone and these mining industries, a branch called Bakone Mineral Trading was established.

Bakone brings in the advantage of the in-depth knowledge of the mining industry itself after many years of experience from a diverse background. Therefore Bakone can partner with a various collection of mines for joined venture activities and they receive large allocations of minerals due to long-term agreements.

As a multinational corporation Bakone, can act as a bridge between both African and Western standards. As well as, when we are partners we monitor the products from all stages starting at mining, all the way through quality control, up until it has safely reached supply.

One of the biggest problems today in most African mining industries that our company has managed to overcome is that of the ever-changing production stability. This is due to different shortages of resources such as electricity, water, transport etc. All of this results in unstable and unpredictable rates of production quality and supply.

With the help of all Bakone holdings’ business divisions, professionalism and international experience we have managed to overcome these obstacles. We work closely with many international organizations such as ISO, INEA, Mutual System, NTEP, SABS, Lloyds, SGS, Alex Stuart, AHK and others.

The minerals we deal with most include copper cathodes, chrome, Ferro chrome, iron ore, coal, cobalt, manganese and more.

All in all, Bakone Mineral Trading trades hundreds of thousands of metric tons of minerals all over the globe.

Atmospheric water – Watergen Unique and advanced technologies to extracts fresh water directly from the air

Fresh drinking water continues to be humanity’s biggest challenge. Our atmosphere is the world’s primary source of fresh water. The air around us is the solution, and Watergen’s innovative technology taps into that unlimited resource.

The Solution: Bakone Social Intervention Watergen systems

At AHIMSA Fund meeting in France in October, Watergen was presented by Bakone Social Intervention, and came out top 3 in the companies being considered for funding. This was a great achievement because there were over 37 nationalities and over 20 projects presented for potential funding from all around the world and what Bakone Social Intervention presented was extremely well liked and accepted. Just to briefly recap what this innovative technology can do.

Bakone Social Intervention Watergen systems is a revolutionary innovation that extracts water from the ambient air around us and turns it into good quality drinking water. It works very similar to an air conditioner, instead of turning the humid air to cold air, it makes the humid air more humid, condenses it, takes it through a filtration system, adds back the minerals that were removed and turns it into water.

As the global leader in the development and implementation of water-from-air solutions our cutting-edge and patented technology provides a low-cost, abundant, and renewable source of fresh and clean drinking water by extracting it directly from the atmosphere. Watergen’s solution is a game changer that will improve quality of life and health as well as save lives. Watergen’s water generators produce the safest, cleanest, and fresh-tasting drinking water and can potentially service billions around the world. Watergen’s products are suitable for every community size from cities, villages, commercial centers, schools, and hospitals to offices, residential buildings, and private homes.

Watergen has developed unique and advanced technologies to extract fresh water directly from the air, our most abundant water source, using innovate GENius™ technology. GENius™ is the world’s first and most energy-efficient Water-From-Air module of its kind (efficiency-size-cost ratio), generating water at ₵2/liter or 250Wh/L.

Among the advantages of this technology are:

– Can be easily scaled up or down to any size required. Each 1⁄2 a meter produces about 2 liters/hour
– Produces 4-5 times more water per kW
– Small size. Can replace other heat exchangers currently installed
– Low-cost structural materials

Bakone Social Intervention

Bakone Social Intervention is a labour of love by social entrepreneurs who are committed to making a change in the world. Given that there are a lot of social ills tearing communities in Africa apart, as a company we focused on the issue we felt was closest to our hearts, lack of access to good quality drinking water. There are many communities in Africa where mostly women and young girls walk miles and miles to fetch water that they use to drink and cook with. Not only is it no longer safe to walk those distances but also the quality of the water from those rivers is sub-standard and extremely dangerous if not treated correctly before use. We know that the statistics are scary with most of the fatalities affecting children under the age of 5. One billion people around the world don’t have access to safe drinking water. 4100 children, under the age of 5, die every day due to a water related illness. This is really bad and totally unnecessary. Bakone Social Intervention has found a solution to help curb this problem.

The Solution: Bakone Social Intervention Watergen systems. At AHIMSA Fund meeting in France in October, Watergen was presented by Bakone Social Intervention, and came out top 3 in the companies being considered for funding. This was a great achievement because there were over 37 nationalities and over 20 projects presented for potential funding from all around the world and what Bakone Social Intervention presented was extremely well liked and accepted. Just to briefly recap what this innovative technology can do.

Bakone Social Intervention Watergen systems is a revolutionary innovation that extracts water from the ambient air around us and turns it into good quality drinking water. It works very similar to an air conditioner, instead of turning the humid air to cold air, it makes the humid air more humid, condenses it, takes it through a filtration system, adds back the minerals that were removed and turns it into water. There are minimal to no infrastructure costs and completely mobile, you could place it here today and move it there tomorrow, taking it to where people need it the most as long as you have a power source and even if you don’t, the solar will work just as well.

Let me give you the numbers REAL quick: One big Bakone Social Intervention Watergen systems unit, produces 5000 litters of water per day. Assuming that a person needs 3 litters of water per day, that means 1667 people will have access to a fresh glass of drinking water. Immediately. A complete sustainable Bakone Social Intervention Watergen systems for a village/rural area includes: all needed infrastructure for 4 machines (civils and others), security fence and other needed security parameters, 4 water machines, solar solution needed to supply power for the system, transport, installation, training, commissioning, operation, all peripherals and filters, service and maintenance all in order to supply of 20,000 litters of pure drinking water per day all at site.

Fishery Rehabilitation and Agriculture

Rehabilitation will almost always involve social costs for research and management activities. Additional expenditures for activities such as fish stocking and pollution control may also be required. In a sense, then, fishery rehabilitation involves a classical benefit- cost problem. Fish farming or pisciculture involves raising fish commercially in tanks or enclosures such as fish ponds, usually for food. It is the principal form of aquaculture, while other methods may fall under maricultural.

How to provide food and employment security

Illegal fishing and heavy water pollution contributed to a massive shortage in fresh fish and causes unemployment among fishermen along the African coasts. As governments makes huge efforts to stop poachers, there is still a big challenge in producing sea food to the population.

AquaCulture Solutions

An efficient source of food and employment opportunities:  Aquaculture is an important solution for African fisheries which can contribute to national food security and employ millions of households, involved in fish culture in marine areas, brackish water ponds, freshwater ponds, freshwater cages and paddy fields.

Correctional Solutions and Crisis Management Solutions

Prefabricated Correctional Facilities

A Correction and Prison Cell modular building can be mobile or permanent. It can be minimum or medium security and built out with all security features.

THE CHALLENGE – Overcrowding Leads to Safety Risks

Correctional facilities around the world cannot handle the constant influx of prisoners which leads to: overcrowded facilities, early release of prisoners, forgoing detention of prisoners. The result is a significant risk to public safety. The growing challenge, together with high cost and long duration involved in building new facilities, have brought us to invest in developing affordable and quick solution to deal with overcrowding and poor conditions in the existing facilities.

THE SOLUTION – Prefabricated Correctional Facilities

Rapid-Deployment Modular System

The prefabricated modules system provides a solution which offers the latest cutting-edge penal technologies in a prefabricated configuration. By implementing our long years’ experience, IP and Know-how we have developed a turnkey solution starting with the design through fabrication to installation. The solution can be delivered in custom designed shipping containers or costumed size prefabricated metal structures. It can be rapidly deployed to any location as standalone solution or integrated to existing infrastructures and security systems. All our modules are designed and manufactured to meet EU standards and are ISO certified under the supervision of Spain’s Ministry of Interior.


All modules are completely isolated and fully equipped with anti-vandal furniture and complements tailor made to client’s needs, such as: Beds, Doors and windows, Shower and toilettes, Lockers and desk, Lightning and PA system.


Point to Point Fix Broad Band Private LTE solutions – Telrad

This is a very strategic partnership given the size and magnitude of the of Telrad as a company. Telrad Networks is a global provider of innovative LTE telecom solutions, boasting over 300+ 4G deployments in over 100 countries. In 2013, Telrad acquired the Alvarion BWA division, inheriting a field-proven line of products, one of the most experienced wireless R&D teams on the planet, and an extensive customer base. Telrad stands at the forefront of the technology evolution of next-generation TD-LTE solutions in the sub-6 GHz market.

Part of the capability we posses is in consulting, design and delivery of highly complex communication systems. The company is focused on three areas: data systems infrastructure, communication networks optimization and data security.

The company also offers a wide range of technological products, services and solutions, helping companies with multiple aspects of diverse telecom projects. Through other Telrad subsidiaries we also have access to market leaders in building data centers, IT infrastructure, control rooms and homeland security solutions.

Building An affordable, eco-friendly LTE solution

Bakone-Telrad partnership can help build your LTE network. Our solutions enable unique capabilities that address real field requirements, such as using LTE for fixed applications or Fixed and Mobile Convergence. We build our base stations to be eco-friendly with low power consumption and a small footprint. We specialize in designing base stations/eNodeBs that are compact, packing extreme functionality into an all-in-one, all outdoor, easy-to-install unit.

Our LTE solutions are both efficient and affordable, and backed by a commitment to providing superior customer service and support. Our R&D team is working to advance your wireless needs while meeting your LTE needs today — and in the future.

Bakone Cyber Academy and Solutions

Government and corporates are accumulating sophisticated Cyber solutions following world events of Cyber-attacks against National critical infrastructures, as well as on private entities. However the big concern is lack of qualified operators and analysts.

The goal of the Cyber Academy program is to use high-end real-time simulation environments to train the next generation of Cyber experts, with a major emphasis on practical skills.

Participants in this training program will gain substantial experience in both defensive and offensive practices, enabling them to efficiently protect their organizations. The academy is carefully designed to accommodate the current needs of the Cyber community. There are a few major pillars that makes the academy unique:

Four Core Technological Solutions – Describes the technologies used by the Academy:

  • Virtual war games facilitator, catering a cyber war games for a better, more special learning experience.
  • Cyber-attack simulator, facilitating hundreds of attack scenarios
  • Trainer Monitor – A complete student learning methodology: planning attacks (Planning), executing the attack (Action), viewing results in real time (Evaluate) and debriefing the actions performed (Reflect).
  • State-of-the-art open source solution enabling intelligence data collection, analysis and report about threats and targets.

The Academy Facilities are designed like a real life Cyber Security Center, Including a real SOC section, lab area, conference room, classrooms, auditorium, server room, administration, logistical area & cafeteria. This way the students are training in realistic environment, making it easier for them to blend into an operational security center.

To better manage communication and security, the academy is operated on three separate networks: Internal, external, and logistics. Each function independently. The network supports a full fledge administration system handling the communications, security and pedagogy.

The program will facilitate the next generation of Cyber experts and analysts and provide a solid structure to construct a real Cyber ecosystem on top of those students.

Bakone Cyber Taylor Made and Special Solutions

Cybersecurity analysts help prevent attacks through their expertise and knowledge of databases, networks, hardware, firewalls and encryption. They keep computer systems running smoothly, prevent the theft of financial and personal information, and block intruders from accessing and divulging proprietary data. Cyber security consists of technologies, processes and measures that are designed to reduce the risk of a cyber-attack (which is conducted through the deliberate exploitation of systems, networks and technologies.

Effective and robust cyber security requires measures based around three pillars:

People, Processes and Technology.

This three-pronged approach helps organisations defend themselves from both highly organised attacks and common internal threats, such as accidental breaches and human error.

People – Every employee needs to be aware of their role in preventing and reducing cyber threats, and specialised technical cyber security staff need to stay fully up to date with the latest skills and qualifications to mitigate and respond to cyber-attacks.

Processes – Processes are crucial in defining how the organisation’s activities, roles and documentation are used to mitigate the risks to the organisation’s information. Cyber threats change quickly, so processes need to be continually reviewed to be able to adapt with them.

Technology – By identifying the cyber risks that your organisation faces you can then start to look at what controls to put in place, and what technologies you’ll need to do this. Technology can be deployed to prevent or reduce the impact of cyber risks, depending on your risk assessment and what you deem an acceptable level of risk.

Why is cyber security important?

A strong cyber security stance is a key defence against cyber-related failures and errors, and malicious cyber-attacks. Most cyber-attacks are automated and indiscriminate, exploiting known vulnerabilities rather than targeting specific organisations, so it’s vital to have the right cyber security measures in place to protect your organisation.

What are the consequences of a cyber-attack?

Cyber-attacks can disrupt and cause considerable financial and reputational damage to even the most resilient organisation. If you suffer a cyber-attack, you stand to lose assets, reputation and business, and potentially face regulatory fines and litigation – as well as the costs of remediation.

Bakone Cybercrime, Forensic & Special Investigations/Operations Cyber and Other Solutions

Bakone Computer forensics services have the ability to help reveal the exact actions taken by a computer user. From documents that were accessed, deleted or transferred to remote locations, or understanding a computer user’s internet surfing activities, computer forensics can be very revealing. Because of the insight provided by computer forensics, civil litigation often requires the use of a qualified and experienced computer forensics expert witness to assist with understanding the facts related to a computer’s use and activities by the purported computer user.

Bakone forensics is often necessary to understand what events recently transpired on a computer. Sometimes computer users will attempt to hide or conceal illicit use of their computer while working on company time. The usage of obsification technologies including encryption and privacy software that is often used by rogue employees as an effort to obscure their inappropriate activities. Most employees leaving their company for a competitor can’t resist the urge to take client data, vendor supplier information, past quotations, employee information and more. This information is often used by the recently departed employee to steal clients, vendors, data models and employees away from their former employer. Intellectual property today often exists in digital form and as such, tons of banker boxes worth of data can be copied in under an hour to a portable USB storage device that can be purchased for under thirty dollars.

There are many types of questions that Bakone forensic examiners are often asked to research and respond to. Companies that are wondering if an employee took trade secrets or business confidential data with them before leaving often wonder if there were any external storage devices recently connected to the computer and is there are any indications that suggest a computer user copied or transferred company files, trade secrets and other sensitive data to external sources?

Today the average knowledge worker has access to many different types of data storage vehicles including:

  1. Internet based cloud storage? (Google® Drive®/Docs®, Dropbox®, iCloud®, FTP, or other)
  2. USB Storage Devices? (External Hard Drives, Jump drives, Thumb Drives, Cell Phones & SIM Cards Disk Media)
  3. Webmail or email?
  4. iPads or tablet-based computing device?

Bakone forensic activity and usage analysis can help answer these questions and more. Bakone forensic examiners are skilled at finding data that other firms miss and then sequencing and analyzing the Meta data so that a narrative explanation of the events that took place can be established. Analysis of the computer registry and other artifacts including link files, USB device history, Windows® restore points, unallocated space, deleted files, recently run programs as indicated by the Windows Bakone all can help piece together the story of what transpired.

In some instances, the computer user may perform actions on the computer that complicates a forensic investigation by purging many of these sources of information beyond recovery or detection. In circumstances where deliberate efforts were taken by the computer user to purge and destroy data beyond recovery, Bakone can often use our years of experience to help demonstrate that the computer lacks the normal pattern of data that exists on a computer in regular use.

Bakone AI and Big Data Mining Solutions

Data mining is a process used by companies to turn raw data into useful information. By using software to look for patterns in large batches of data, businesses can learn more about their customers to develop more effective marketing strategies, increase sales and decrease costs. Most data storage solutions are built for large enterprises—feature-heavy, but expensive and not really solving the needs of small to mid-size organizations. However, affordable unified storage solutions are emerging to allow businesses to consolidate onto a single, efficient and powerful platform.

The 7 Most Important Data Mining Techniques

  1. Tracking patterns. One of the most basic techniques in data mining is learning to recognize patterns in your data sets. This is usually a recognition of some aberration in your data happening at regular intervals, or an ebb and flow of a certain variable over time.
  2. Classification. Classification is a more complex data mining technique that forces you to collect various attributes together into discernable categories, which you can then use to draw further conclusions, or serve some function. For example, if you’re evaluating data on individual customers’ financial backgrounds and purchase histories, you might be able to classify them as “low,” “medium,” or “high” credit risks. You could then use these classifications to learn even more about those customers.
  3. Association. Association is related to tracking patterns, but is more specific to dependently linked variables. In this case, you’ll look for specific events or attributes that are highly correlated with another event or attribute; for example, you might notice that when your customers buy a specific item, they also often buy a second, related item.
  4. Outlier detection. In many cases, simply recognizing the overarching pattern can’t give you a clear understanding of your data set. You also need to be able to identify anomalies, or outliers in your data. For example, if your purchasers are almost exclusively male, but during one strange week in July, there’s a huge spike in female purchasers, you’ll want to investigate the spike and see what drove it, so you can either replicate it or better understand your audience in the process.
  5. Clustering. Clustering is very similar to classification, but involves grouping chunks of data together based on their similarities. For example, you might choose to cluster different demographics of your audience into different packets based on how much disposable income they have, or how often they tend to shop at your store.
  6. Regression. Regression, used primarily as a form of planning and modeling, is used to identify the likelihood of a certain variable, given the presence of other variables. For example, you could use it to project a certain price, based on other factors like availability, consumer demand, and competition.
  7. Prediction. Prediction is one of the most valuable data mining techniques, since it’s used to project the types of data you’ll see in the future. In many cases, just recognizing and understanding historical trends is enough to chart a somewhat accurate prediction of what will happen in the future.

Robotic Educational computerised Systems Bakone-SES

Bakone together with SES develops, manufactures and markets world wide educational training systems. Bakone-SES covers universities, colleges, high schools, vocational schools, secondary schools and primary schools studying programs. Each training system covers a complete course in Electronics, Telecommunication, Microprocessors and Microcontrollers, System control, Process Control, Mechanics, Mechatronics, Robotics, Autotronics, Science & Technology.

Bakone-SES products are off the shelf and are course modular systems. They can be adapted to various types of curricula and laboratories. SES also answers turnkey project requirements.

Bakone-SES focuses on the development and production of a wide range of innovative technological products which include very advanced systems with microcontroller and sensors.

The products prove vast experience in the field of educational, science and technological systems. These educational systems cover a wide range of topics such as electronics, mechanics, robotics and more.

Bakone-SES is an international company that operates in Asia, Europe, North America, Sovite, Latin America and Australia. The company has successful installations all over the world and has been recognized internationally by Ministries of Labor and Ministries of Education. SES offers training systems and programs for Educational institutions, technical colleges, universities, Open Universities, vocational high schools for professional training, secondary and primary schools.

Bakone Maritime intelligence platform

THE NATIONAL CHALLENGE – Lacking Control of Territorial Waters

As the international rules of maritime transportation is far from being respected, it turns almost impossible for sea bordered countries to enforce their national maritime related policies. Specifically, we witness three major concerns along the Mozambique coast line:

  1. Security – trouble with El-Shabaab infiltrators threatening the Gas facilities.
  2. Smuggling – Of drugs and weapons through Mozambique ports to and from Africa.
  3. Illegal fishing – Spain, Portugal and China are the main concern when it comes to exceeding their annual fishing quotas, sometimes a hundred-fold.

Shedding light on what’s really happening on the seas

The Maritime Intelligence analysis and research system provides valuable information across the intelligence community. The platform produces immediate and reliable maritime insights, and integrate those to enrich the bigger picture in a form of a coherant, easy to read intelligence report while supporting decision making with access to proprietary global, historical and live information on vessels, networks, zones and shipping records. The platform monitors:

  • Illegal Fishing
  • Oil Smuggling
  • Oil & Gas Facility Protection
  • Drugs and weapons smuggling
  • Human Trafficking
  • Drug Smuggling


  • Secure software, accessible anywhere
  • User accounts include access to data and analysis modules
  • Immediate deployment, no heavy HW investments
  • Setup, training and professional support
  • System updates and upgrades



Bakone Africa

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